A Halloween-themed Happy Birthday to the Broke Bitch Blog!

The Broke Bitch Blog is now a year old!! If my relationship with my blog were a romantic one, I’d be preparing our engagement by now BECAUSE I’M INSANE. One year ago, I was marinating in my standing-water misery of unemployment and East Coast dejection—and apparently writing some hilariously suicidal Facebook statuses enough for people […]

Little Loca Comes to La Manzana Grande (Attention Seeking En Español)

Little Loca will be the nom de guerre I give to one of my best gals, my ol’ ball-n-chain … who happens to also turn into a beer-soaked wife beater when she has one too many whiskey shots (mixed with a shooter of anxiety-in-a-group-setting). Little Loca and I have this gift—or desperate need to overcompensate—where […]