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‘Nsync, Love Actually, & the Fallacy of Mistletoe

I’ve been listening to the NSYNC Home For Christmas album every Christmas season since it came out in 1998. That’s 16 Christmases of engulfing disappointment when Justin Timberlake was nowhere to be found anywhere up under my evergreen. It’s partly to blame for why I’m so emotionally handicapped as an adult (but that’s just one […]

A Halloween-themed Happy Birthday to the Broke Bitch Blog!

The Broke Bitch Blog is now a year old!! If my relationship with my blog were a romantic one, I’d be preparing our engagement by now BECAUSE I’M INSANE. One year ago, I was marinating in my standing-water misery of unemployment and East Coast dejection—and apparently writing some hilariously suicidal Facebook statuses enough for people […]

“She’s a Monster”

I was at Little Loca’s* birthday dinner (the big quarter-century – honestly mystified that we’ve managed to survive to meet this benchmark with all our organs in relative working condition) sitting next to the Urban Dictionary-definition of a ‘stupid-hot’ [/ˈstjuːpɪd/·/hɒt/] human being (’Twas borderline offensive, really. Why was he even there, if not to silently mock […]

Got Rice? Lyrics

This really has nothing to do with anything, but then again, neither does this entire blog. The other day, my roommate Cata and I walked to a hipster bakery so she could get gluten-free muffins (to all my hypochondriacs out there, no one should ever elect to be celiac – that’s like defaulting to being allergic […]