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Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman – Confessions of a 26-Year-Old

I’m honestly just tumbling down the hill on the other side of 25. Everything is on cruise control. Sure, there are still some over-bleached, seriously appalling epiphanies that spill into my consciousness from time to time that remind me how big a fucking loser I am (like the time I came home—ahem the other night—and […]

‘Nsync, Love Actually, & the Fallacy of Mistletoe

I’ve been listening to the NSYNC Home For Christmas album every Christmas season since it came out in 1998. That’s 16 Christmases of engulfing disappointment when Justin Timberlake was nowhere to be found anywhere up under my evergreen. It’s partly to blame for why I’m so emotionally handicapped as an adult (but that’s just one […]