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Still Fly

You can take the girl out of poverty…but guaranteed she’ll find her way back. Here we are again. For a hot minute there, I thought I was safe to buy non-Happy Hour drinks in Manhattan, store-bought furniture, and movie tickets to see Jurassic World in 3D for $20 a pop. Alas, I find myself again staring down […]

The Realness

I’m starting to think that I’m not a very good writer. This is something that—thanks to you anonymous freaks who follow this blog (luh y’all), and the fact that my hand calligraphy would’ve made that smarmy overachieving asshole Steve Jobs proud (Is nice penmanship even considered a litmus?)—I’ve never had come into question. I have a wheelbarrow […]

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman – Confessions of a 26-Year-Old

I’m honestly just tumbling down the hill on the other side of 25. Everything is on cruise control. Sure, there are still some over-bleached, seriously appalling epiphanies that spill into my consciousness from time to time that remind me how big a fucking loser I am (like the time I came home—ahem the other night—and […]