What Are You Going to Do Today, Napoleon?

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT when you get rejected for an entry-level position, and you start feeling a lot like Napoleon Dynamite.


Napoleon Dynamite


My only comfort was the sagely advice from my childhood friend (whom I was in love with in 5th grade…  then I got over it in a hot second when I hit high school and met Mark Sanchez), given to me as he was eating a cheeseburger and driving through the mountains just now:

“The most time-consuming and least effective way to get a job is to search online and apply. I did that for maybe a year and I didn’t get anywhere.” Immediately I closed the Indeed.com window I had up.

“The best ways are talking to prospective managers, making connections, and persistence.” Well, I got persistence in spades! Time to stalk some hoes in LA!

Thanks for the advice, Zach. I love ya, ya dumb whore.

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