Name 3 people (dead or alive) you’d want to go to dinner with

Digital Royalty is one of my DREAM companies to work for—they basically taught the sports and entertainment industry how to use social, hence why their online application form is so thorough (and limited to a character-count). Above is one of the questions I’d need to answer in 140 characters or less. My choices come in triplets:

1) Bill Maher
2) David Beckham
3) Jay Z

I can convince anyone to do anything when I’ve got them trapped in a room (It puts the lotion in the basket)! One of them is bound to give me a job!

1) Jesus
2) Barack Obama
3) James Madison

I just want to set the record straight and see what they’d think of the present day. Everyone cites the Bible, especially with vicious rhetoric, so I want to know how Jesus would feel about how we’ve interpreted it. James Madison—who authored the Bill of Rights—because I want to know  how he’d feel about the Second Amendment in today’s world. I think this’d be a brilliant roundtable dinner, especially because Jesus wouldn’t know what the hell was going on, and James Madison might be surprised to see two minorities who are by all rights 100% American at the same table as he is.

1) George Takei
2) Patrick Stewart
3) Sir Ian McKellen

Because I want dinner and a show. Imagine takeout with these three, brainstorming fun shit to post on Facebook.

1) Charlotte Bronte
2) Jane Austen
3) Stephanie Meyers

I just want to see Stephanie Meyers severely punished by her superiors (in every way) for Twilight. Bet I could effectively document this shitshow in 6 seconds to post to Vine afterwards and win a Shorty Award.

Clearly, I have too much fun thinking of this ONE question, and I spend too much time being indecisive with my choices, that I’ve never actually managed to apply. Hence why I’m still unemployed.

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