I’m Broke, Bitch!

This is my third blog and my umpteenth ‘creative venture’, begun at the insistence of my surprising Facebook following who, collectively, enjoy marinating in my pain. Here you go, bitches. Let’s hope I have the attention span to keep this one up.

The prototype for this blog was my earnest and sunny Bikini Rock on Tumblr. As a California beach bum newly relocated to London, England, I wanted to document this shiny new chapter in my life. I naively announced that I was gonna run that town in two months. Ten months later, I came back to California with my tail between my legs, broken and beaten of all pomp and optimism. The summer I returned, I went from reading Pride & Prejudice to Sex & the City: a pretty fitting analogy to my transition from identifying with one female persona to the other.

Re-assimilating to life back in the States, and for the first time as an adult, is like navigating this cold, hard world as a newborn naked mole rat. Shit’s hard. So, as a respite from my no-end game of cover letters, interviews, and silence, I’ve created this lovely space to collate everything I’ve learned and experienced as a job seeker, stringing together my job hunts in Europe, Portland, ME, New York City, D.C., and California.

To start us off, here are some posts I’m dragging over from Bikini Rock before it lost all integrity (now it’s just a dumping ground for posts reblogged from sites I follow):

My first-ever blog post

“What is your ambition?”

Learning how to blog

The one where I decide I’m going to write for the rest of my life

When I thought that my family hated me, and the only reasonable antidote was to escape to Spain and live the life of an illegal fugitive

London plot-twist

When I realized I was tired

The ultimatum to save myself or my dreams

“Just because you have a sudden urge to weep, doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake”

The one that I reread a year and a half after the fact and realize that I’m a psychopath

When I KNOW I’d gone crazy

My first quip about new media

The one I wrote after my first and only venture into professional soccer (football, for my Brits)

The one I wrote right before I came home

Rereading all these posts, I acknowledge two things: 1) I’m hilarious. 2) I’ve been unemployed for a LONG time. #FML

Honorable mentions for naming this blog are as follows:
1) ballin’ on a budget
2) condos and belly rolls
3) one nickel deserves another
4) fast times of the lovely and unemployed
5) While I’m sitting here writing these rhymes I coulda been out there makin’ dimes

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